Episode #1 On spiritual memoir

Episode #1  Susan Scott and Eufemia Fantetti on spiritual memoir

by Kim Davids Mandar

On Saturday March 3rd, 2018, The McLaughlin Library at The University of Guelph hosted a Writer’s Workshop, free for all participants and open to the wider community.

Susan Scott and Eufemia Fantetti facilitated a workshop on spiritual memoir. After exploring the topic for ninety minutes with eighty or so participants, Susan and Eufemia graciously continued the conversation on Bookish Radio.

In this, our first episode of Bookish Radio, we explore the writing of spiritual memoir, discuss the upcoming anthology Body & Soul: Creative Nonfiction for Skeptics and Seekers (Caitlin Press), learn some tips and insights about writing practice and hear more about The New Quarterly’s French River Writing Retreat. [If you’re interested in reading about the retreat, you might enjoy this piece from Lindy Mechefske.]

Contributors to Body & Soul include: Eufemia Fantetti, Sharon Bala, Zarqa Nawaz, Ayelet Tsabari, Carleigh Baker, Jonina Kirton, Betsy Warland, Sigal Samuel, Amanda Leduc, Sue Goyette and Jael Richardson, K.D. Miller and Christine Pountney, to name a few of the 30 contributors.  Alison Pick penned the Foreword (featured in TNQ 145).


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