Episode #3 Melinda Burns on writing and mindfulness

Episode 3: Writing and Mindfulness with Melinda Burns

by Kim Davids Mandar

This episode features a conversation with Guelph psychotherapist, writer, instructor and mentor, Melinda Burns.

As an engaged member of Guelph’s local literary community, Melinda shares thoughts about writing as a means for increased clarity and empathy. She begins with her own writing journey: from Physics, Math and Psychology to Creative Writing. Melinda often joins the writers on Monday mornings at The Bookshelf.

I particularly enjoy Melinda’s encouraging definition of writing as a sacred endeavour, in which sacred is defined as “generating strength”.

When asked about her take on oral versus written storytelling in Mohawk tradition (Melinda’s mother is Mohawk), she declares that she does not feel like a voice of authority in these matters, but enjoys reading several Indigenous authors. You can engage with some of the authors at upcoming festivals and conferences. In addition, you might wish to take a look at a CBC list of indigenous writers to read or check out this article from Daniel Heath Justice — encouragement for emerging Indigenous writers.

Melinda is facilitating a writing and mindfulness retreat at The Eramosa Eden Retreat Centre in June, and is a judge for The Eden Mills Writers’ Festival’s Fringe Contest.













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