Episode #5 Jaellayna Palmer

 Episode #5 In Conversation with Jaellayna Palmer: Educator, Community Activist, Author.

by Kim Davids mandar

Jaellayna has been writing for decades: first as a ghost writer for a book about holistic nutrition, and then about education and matters of faith. Today, we chat about her recently published book, Personal Path, Practical Feet, her personal journey of faith and her community activism resulting from her father’s death.

I was intrigued by Jaellayna’s use of 4Mat to craft the essays that comprise her book — a curriculum design approach which was the subject of her workshop at The University of Guelph on March 3rd, 2018.

Jaellayna and I became friends when we were writing for The Guelph Mercury years ago, and were both working for local institutions of higher learning. This was the first time I heard details about her grandfather’s escape from Russia, her orthodox Jewish upbringing and her discovery of The Bahá’í Faith.


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