Episode #7 Sonali Menezes on zines

Episode #7 Sonali Menezes talks zines

by Anna Bowen


IMG_8222 (1)

Kazoo!fest, a festival dedicated to emerging music and arts, took place a few weeks ago in Guelph and included  the Kazoo Print Expo, an extravaganza of zines, prints, and books.

At the print expo, I ran into Sonali Menezes there who was selling her zines, among them “Silent Sadness: On admitting sickness and addressing mental health,” “You’re so exotic,” “So you’re anxious as f–k: Tips and tricks and things” and “101 things which have given me panic attacks,” among others.  I noticed she had a relatively new zine called “Poems” that I picked up.

sonalis zines

Sonali studied fine art at the University of Guelph and you can find her work at Sonalimenezes.com.  She also has a shop where folks can buy her zines and feminist pendants – you can find that at GlitteringMagpiee on Etsy or on Instagram @GlitteringMagpiee.  One of her prints, “Sisters,”  is featured in the cover image of this post and is also in the poetry zine.

You can also catch Sonali tabling at the feminist bookfair in Hamilton on May 12th.

In this episode, I also mention a poetry reading that was co-hosted by Publication Studio Guelph and the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival at the Boarding House gallery on April 21st. The reading featured Brick authors Kate Cayley and Degan Davis, as well as Vocamus and PS Guelph author Candace deTaeye. Hymns57 showered us with electronic, ambient & found sounds and Louisa Krátká played a few beautiful songs on her viola to accompany Degan Davis’ poetry. The intro music to this episode is one of Louisa’s songs, Západ/Východ Slunce.

Incidentally, Candace deTaeye and Hymns57 have just teamed up to produce a collaborative cassette single of poetry and ambient music.

Don’t forget to check out the FOLD, the Festival of Literary Diversity,  happening this week in Brampton, from Thursday May 3rd to Sunday May 5th, 2018. Find everything you need to know here.



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