Episode #11 Wolf Lake Tones

Episode #11 Wolf Lake Tones with Madhur Anand, Gary Barwin, and Phil Hall

by Anna Bowen

On May 18, 2018, Wolf Lake Tones happened in Guelph and included the improvisational works of poets Madhur Anand, Gary Barwin, and Phil Hall along with musicians David Lee (double bass) and Georgia Urban (saw) as well as singers Megan De Roover, Shannon Kingsbury, Brian Lefresne, Liane Miedema, Sue Smith, and Carey West (all as voices of birds).

“Wolf Lake Tones is a multimedia presentation incorporating music, poetry, art, and environmental sound. How does language map the environment and how does the environment map language? Wolf Lake Tones is a tripartite performance filled with the murmuration of species’ names, an irruption of birds, and a choral forest, where the note matches a natural resonating frequency of the body, and amplifies, and expands.”


wolf-lake image


Help protect Wolf Lake forest reserve https://www.savewolflake.org/take-action/

Photo credit: Madhur Anand


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