Episode #12 Coffee with Luke

Episode #12 Coffee With Jeremy Luke Hill

by Kim Davids Mandar

As excitement builds towards the launch of The Unexpected Sky, this episode of Bookish Radio begins with a reading by contributor Geoffrey Chang, a Toronto based writer and artist interested in writing fiction and non-fiction. He’s a proud member of the Inkwell Writing Group led by Kathy Friedman. You can find his latest non-fiction YouTube video here.

Next is a conversation with Jeremy Luke Hill, of Vocamus Press. Luke generously connects writers, authors, publishers and local literary institutions, as he writes, edits, publishes and roasts coffee beans. Luke takes us on a tour of his studio, and shares his vision of future literary collaboration in Guelph. You might want to take a peek at Luke’s blog.

We also enjoyed a surprise visit by local poet Michael Kleiza, and finished with more coffee at Robusta Cafe for 23 minutes of writing with Kira Vermond.


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