Episode #15 The Etch Anthology & a song

The Etch Anthology and A Song

by Kim Davids Mandar

Three students in Anastasia MacEwan’s creative writing class at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School were selected as finalists in Vocamus Press’ Etch Anthology Teen Writing Contest. I was grateful to have an opportunity to listen to their thoughts about creative work and record some authors reading their poetry.

Artists on the program:

Rachael Gemin

Clayton Harvey

Logan Hattle

Brady Killinger

Eunice Renacia

Joachim Roque

Emily Berry (2nd in Etch)

Sarah Kirkpatrick (3rd in Etch)

(There were several students missing that day, including Allison Coole who was also published in Etch 2018)

Also in this episode, University of Guelph student, Sarah Taborn, joined Bookish Radio to share her song “You’re Mine”.

Thank you to Anastasia MacEwan, for the opportunity to visit the classroom, her passion for excellence in the arts, and to the young artists who so capably produce and share their work.


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