Episode #20 Omar El Akkad — American War — Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Podcast

by Anna Bowen

In this Eden Mills Writers’ Festival podcast, Anna Bowen interviews Omar El Akkad on his apocalyptic debut novel for the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival. You can hear Omar read an excerpt at the end of this podcast, and you can come and see him read in person at the festival on September 9, 2018.

The novel follows the life of a young girl, Sarat, as she navigates a nearly unrecognizable America shifted by civil war and climate change, and challenges the reader to look closely at how a once-curious six year old can be shaped by war as she grows up.

“War broke them the same way… the universal slogan of war was simple: if it had been you, you’d have done no different.”

You can read part of the Q&A on the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival website under Newsletters.


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