Episode #25 Dr. Brian Goldman — Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Podcast

Dr. Brian Goldman — The Power of Kindness

by Anna Bowen

Dr. Brian Goldman is the much-beloved CBC host of the program White Coat Black Art which he has hosted since 2007.  White Coat Black Art is  a multi-award-winning show on CBC Radio that reveals what goes on behind hospital doors. Dr. Goldman’s recent nonfiction work, The Power of Kindness, finds him on a search for the roots of empathy and the kindest people he can find as he meets with bartenders, Tim Hortons employees, neuroscientists, therapists, and — perhaps surprisingly — androids.

I caught up with Dr. Goldman over the phone this week and we chatted about his career in radio and medicine; the events and experiences that led to the development of this book; mirror neurons; androids; attachment — and of course, empathy.

The opening music is “In an Hour” from The Weather Station‘s new self-titled album. (The album was referred to, in error, as Paradise of Bachelors on the program, which is the name of the record label).


Brian is also the author of the bestselling The Night Shift and The Secret Language of Doctors.


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