Episode #36 Ashley Hynd

By Kim Davids Mandar

Quoting a favourite movie, Ashley shared a line: “Sometimes you make choices and sometimes choices make you…” and said that “writing is one of those choices that has made me.”

Today’s episode features a conversation with Poet Ashley Hynd and her daughter, Autumn. We had a rich exchange in studio together, with Autumn listening intently while doing logic puzzles and contributing thoughts. Autumn left after a while to munch on some peanuts and allow her mother to share some sensitive stories about her work. A week later, we followed up with a telephone conversation to add a reading to the interview, and confirm whether the sensitive content would be shared publicly.

[In re-listening to this interview, I realized that while I wanted to share everything, the time constraints led me to edit in favour of eliminating much of my voice. I apologize for some of the resulting lack of transitional context.]

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